Abbreviated as CLHIA the history of Canadian life and health insurance can be traced back to 1894 when the Canadian life and health insurance association came into being. The organization finds its roots in Global Federation of Insurance Associations which is the largest insurance organization of the world. About 87% of the premiums of the world are related to this organization. The Canadian insurance system is highly regulated and one of the safest systems in the world. The private member bill was passed in 2010 which was strongly opposed by the political parties all over Canada. It is all because of the fact that the bill puts the burden on the consumers of the service. The higher profits are also something which this bill promises to the companies.

Rising dental fees in Alberta

The completion in the dental sector of Alberta is not what it should be. The regulations on the other hand further tighten the overall dental environment of the province. There are many factors which are to be considered before taking into account the subjected issue. The dentists in the province should be provided with the opportunities to advertise their services. They can reach the customers in a manner which is regulated. The consumer should have ample info at hand before availing the dental services. These are some of the ways to curb the rising dental prices.

Federal Standing Committee on Health Report and CLHIA

The CLHIA stance is very clear on the health plans which are offered to the Canadians. As per the organization representatives, there are about 25 million health plans which are currently being enjoyed by the Canadians. All the plan owners want to make sure that the medication which is of daily use for some is affordable. They want the same to be implemented to their health plans. At the same time, they don’t want to put their health plans at risk. The proposals of the Federal Standing Committee are very expensive as per CLHIA and would require an additional $20 billion which would be imposed in form of taxes.

Pharmacare Advisory Council

The National Pharmacare Advisory Council has been formed following the proposals in budget 2018. The Phramacare has always been a subject of much debate all over Canada. The CLHIA is of the view that such initiatives will allow the Canadians to talk about their concern about the pharma industry. The grant which has been provided to the council will make sure that the research and development of the sector are further fostered in Canada. The council members have an extensive background in the field. The members will travel all over Canada to meet the stakeholders of the industry so that effective plans can be devised.

Impact on Canadian life insurance

The CLHIA is working continuously to make the products of the sector more personalize. The best part of the plan is that the current insurance packages are maintained. It means that all this is not being done at the expense of the customers. Legal and tech developments are also being done to get the customers what they want to have.